Salute to Dave Colestock������������ �������� Becket L


A1���� Circle left �, step to a wave

�������� Balance R & L, Rory OMore spin to R

A2���� Neighbor allemande left 1 � to long waves at side*

�������� Balance R & L, Rory OMore spin to R, past new N

B1���� New neighbor balance & swing

B2���� Ladies allemande R 1 �

�������� Partner swing

Start again with same neighbors.


*Ladies facing in; right hand to next neighbor.


The trickiest part of this dance is convincing dancers not to take hands and balance after the first Rory OMore.


Written to honor caller, organizer, and choreographer Dave Colestock, who died in May 2017. Debuted at his home dance in Harrisburg PA on May 12, 2017.