Down by the Riverside

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Fairly easy --- 3 facing 3
A1 (8)   Lines of 3 forward and back (towards other trio)
(8)   Do-si-do opposite
A2 (16)   Center people turn contra corners
B1 (8)   Two-hand turn with opposite until on original side
(8)   Circle six halfway
B2 (16)   Basket swing (in trios) and open out to face original direction
Set up like a contra line, ones facing down and twos facing up, except that everyone has two partners. Can also be done in a Sicilian circle.
A new person can end up in the center position after the basket swing.
Contra corners is actually an easy move in this situation.
I wrote this dance for the New York City genderfree dance group, which at the time was meeting at Riverside Church. It's also useful for dances with a gender imbalance.