Hey Nonny No

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate - - - Becket
A1 (8)   Circle left 3/4 and pass thru to new neighbors
(8)   New neighbor allemande right 1-1/2
A2 (8)   Halfhey, men start left shoulder
(8)   Neighbor swing
B1 (8)   Promenade across
(8)   Ladies chain
B2 (8)   Three changes of a circular hey
(8)   Partner swing
Note: Circular hey: Pass neighbor by the right (across), turn and pass partner by the left (along the line), turn and pass neighbor by the right (across)
This dance has been slightly revised, to make it smoother. Originally, the A1 ended with an allemande left and the halfhey was started by the women passing by the right. Passing through to an allemande right flows better. Having the hey start left also leads into a swing from the right, a better connection.