The Ideal Husband

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate+ ----- Becket
A1 (8)   On left diagonal, men allemande left once-and-a-half
(8)   Swing new neighbor
A2 (8)   Women allemande left once-and-a-half plus a little bit more, give right hand to partner (men move in), forming diagonal wave with original foursome
(4)   Balance the wave
(4)   Allemande right once around with partner
B1 (16)   Hey for four on diagonal, starting women left, end with men in middle
B2 (4)   Take partner's hand to stand in proper position, facing couple you swung; take hands & circle until on starting side (less than halfway)
(12)   Swing partner
NOTE: Men must move to join diagonal wave. Men who haven't crossed the set to swing on the diagonal must cross the set now. An Ideal Husband is one who's there when you need him! Dedicated to my husband Paul.