Mud in Your Eye

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate - - - Becket
A1 (8)   On the left diagonal, go forward and back (ending across from a new couple)
(8)   Men allemande left 1-1/2
A2 (16)   Neighbor balance and swing
B1 (8)   Circle left
(4)   Balance the ring
(4)   The couple above makes an arch and rolls back to back under their own arms, then thru the other couple's arch to form a cloverleaf
B2 (8)   Cloverleaf left 3/4
(8)   Partner swing
The first time, just do straight long lines forward and back.
The move in B1 to the cloverleaf was taken from Ted Sanella's "Two on the Aisle."