Princeton Becket

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate --- Becket, counter clockwise
A1 (8)   Ladies do-si-do once-and-a-half
(8)   Swing neighbor
A2 (8)   Half hey (ladies pass right to start)*
(8)   See-saw** neighbor once-and-a-half
B1 (2)   Ladies pass right shoulders, while men turn alone
(14)   Swing partner
B2 (8)   Long lines forward & back
(8)   Promenade halfway across & on to face next couple
*Strictly speaking this is 3/8 of a hey.   End with neighbor facing neighbor, men in middle facing out.
**A see-saw is a left shoulder do-si-do.
First version called at Princeton Country Dancers in Jan. 1999.