I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate+ - - - Duple improper
A1 (8)   Neighbor do-si-do to a wave, ladies taking left hands in the middle
(4)   Balance the wave
(4)   Spin to the right Rory O'More style, men go past each other to take left hands
A2 (8)   Men allemande left
(8)   Pick up partner, star promenade with a butterfly whirl
B1 (8)   Ladies pass right shoulders to lead a half hey
(8)   Partner swing
B2 (8)   Circle left 3/4
(8)   Balance the ring and California twirl
Written for Donna Hunt and Chris Deephouse, on the occasion of their marriage March 29, 2003. (Only contra dancers have to plan their weddings on 5th Saturdays, so as not to conflict with regular dances!) As the men do in this dance, Chris picked Donna up and carried her off to Philadelphia.