Pulling Taffy

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Easy/Intermediate - - - Duple improper
A1 (8)   Neighbor do-si-do
(8)   Take two hands; women pull neighbor halfway around clockwise
A2 (16)   Neighbor balance and swing
B1 (8)   Long lines forward; men pull partner back to own side ("give-and-take")
(8)   Partner swing
B2 (8)   Right and left thru OR Promenade across
(8)   Circle left 3/4 and pass thru
The move in the second half of A1 is half of a draw pousette. Everyone ends up diagonally across from their starting place.
This is a fairly easy dance, with forgiving timing, especially if you use the promenade instead of the right and left thru. However, the unusual move, though easy to teach with a demonstration, makes it interesting for more experienced dancers too. It's handy in mixed-level crowds.