Stolen Kisses

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate - - - Becket
A1 (8)   On left diagonal, forward and back
(8)   Right and left thru straight across (with new couple)
A2 (8)   Women pass right shoulders; left-shoulder gypsy with neighbor
(8)   Women take right hands and men fall in behind their neighbors to make a righthand star; go once around
B1 (16)   Neighbor swing
B2 (8)   Men allemande left once and a half
(8)   Partner swing
Note: First time through, start with long lines forward and back.
This dance tells a story: You see someone new; you go closer to check them out. The lady is smitten and flirts with the new man, then teases him by running away, but he follows and catches her. Then her partner returns and restores the status quo. Sigh.