Susquehanna Circle

by Melanie Axel-Lute
Circle mixer
Start by giving right hand to partner, ladies face in and men out in a wavy circle.
A1 (8)   Balance the ring right and left; partner allemande right
(8)   Balance the ring left and right; allemande left
A2 (16)   Partner balance and swing; end facing around circle in promenade direction
B1 (8)   Promenade; turn as a couple
(8)   Promenade back
B2 (8)   Face partner, ladies inside facing out; take two hands and wheelbarrow into center and back
(8)   Pass partner by right shoulder, men going into center of circle and ladies out; turn and come back; give left hand to this partner and right to new partner to make new wavy circle
Written for the Upper Susquehanna Contra Dance in Milford NY and first called there on July 19, 2003.