by Melanie Axel-Lute
Intermediate - - - Duple improper
A1 (8)   Long lines forward and back
(8)   Mad Robin around neighbor
A2 (8)   Circle left 3/4
(8)   Partner swing
B1 (8)   Ladies chain
(8)   Half hey, women starting right
B2 (16)   Neighbor balance and swing
Mad Robin: While looking into your partner's eyes, follow the same path around your neighbor that you would if doing a do-si-do. Women will go into the center first, while men go up or down the outside, then everyone goes forward or back to switch, and the men go up or down the center. It's based on (but not exactly the same as) a figure in the English country dance "Mad Robin." Note: This dance came about because in Jim Kitch's dance "Sweet 16" (a great dance), the Mad Robin figure is followed by a neighbor gypsy and swing. My husband complained that he felt cheated at not getting to swing his partner at that point. The whole A section of this dance can be done while looking into your partner's eyes. Debuted on our wedding anniversary, May 18.